Welcome to Europe!

This Guide allows you to develop and frame your own strategy for setting up and running your business successfully within Europe. It provides you with invaluable knowledge and first-hand experience, which will save you time and money. Time is of the essence, once you arrive in Europe to conduct your meetings.

The COUNTRY PARTICULARS enable you to navigate between 15 different European countries, ranging from Spain to Russia. You can find detailed Investment Guides specific to every country, which cover all the major issues of setting up a business in a foreign country.

Many other articles cover crucial fields such as Law, Taxation and Labour. Some of these articles contain ENTRY STRATEGIES FOR EUROPE to give you a better understanding of the European Market.

This CD comes in two versions. One is the trial version, which contains some of the Country Particulars, but few of the strategic aspects. If you like what you see, please order the full version. Regardless of your version you can register for a free newsletter with business and legal information for market entry and presence in Europe.

I hope the Guide enhances your success in Europe.

Yours faithfully
Wolfgang Babeck